Glueing up the Frame

After much thought I decided to glue up the frame in several steps. The main frame had been made fairly true and the halves came together with a good fit, so I would glue these together first, including the head rube and seat tube, which I had machined to length and drilled with a few holes to help bonding.

On the very helpful advice of the technical staff at West System Epoxy, I would use the 105/205 with colloidal filler to bond wood to wood, as I had done throughout, but I employed G Flex where bonding wood to metal. G flex epoxy mainatins a very slight flexibility to it and it was advised that I use this for bonding of disimilar materials as they can expand and contract differentially with temperature. All metal parts were scupulously cleaned and roughly abraded to aid a good bond.

West Sytem epoxy

The G flex has a longer open time than the 105/205, so I mixed and applied this first, followed by the usual procedure with the 105/205. I clamped the frame with as many clamps as I could, the idea being to match the faces all over but without excessive clamp pressure that would ooze out all the epoxy and starve the joint of glue.

bike frame glue up

Once the initial frame was set I glued the chainstays on and the bottom bracket into place.

chain stay glue up

Lastly I glued the seat stays into position with the dropouts to make sure all aligned as intended. I attached the wheels to help with alignment.

bike dropouts

fixing the bike seat stays















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