Many people have been helpful to me whilst making my bicycles. I would like to thank:

Those hobby builders that have made wooden bicycles before me and generously answered my email queries:

Nick Cole (Ligneus bike)

Jay Kissenger

Craig Blend - who was super helpful and patient with my questions

Companies that were patient in helping me with use of thier products:

West System Internationalnternational - The sticky stuff that holds it all together. Hamish really was very patient, and if it was not for his advice I would not have made best use of the various epoxies and how to use them properly.

Marine Industrial - who helped me with the Polyurethane, how to apply it and the correct setup for spraying.

Friends who supported my efforts:

Sarah & Dave Sharpe - Sarah was so excited by the bike that I just had to finish it! (and Dave has to live with her!)

Jackie & Geoff Rew - who leant me their steamer, compressor and other stuff (Much of which I stil have!)

Vinyl Revolution - Isaac was very helpful in assisting me choose colours and layout for the decals so that they matched my frame

My Dad, who helped me in his workshop machining the metal parts

My wife, who waited patiently as I put our kitchen on hold and concentrated on messing about with bicycles




© Christopher Thompson